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Welcome to Dr Mark Bayfield!

Dr Mark Bayfield is a sabbatical visitor from Dept of Biology, York University, Toronto and has joined our group for 5 months to learn techniques in computational biology (data integration and analysis of next generation sequencing data).

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Welcome to Dr Andal Murthy!

Welcome to Andal who has just started as a postdoc in our group.

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Affinity and competition for TBP are molecular determinants of gene expression noise

Cell-to-cell variation in gene expression levels (noise) generates phenotypic diversity and is an important phenomenon in evolution, development and disease. TATA-box binding protein (TBP) is an essential factor that is required at virtually every eukaryotic promoter to initiate transcription. While … Continue reading

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Rita Pancsa is a Fellow of Darwin College

Congratulations to our postdoc Rita to be elected as a Fellow of Darwin College!

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