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Tilman Flock is awarded the Max Perutz Student Prize 2015

Big congratulations to Tilman to win this year’s Max Perutz Student Prize. The Max Perutz Student Prize is awarded annually for outstanding work performed at the LMB prior to the award of a PhD. The 2015 prize has been awarded … Continue reading

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Editorial overview: Linking protein sequence and structural changes to function in the era of next-generation sequencing

COSB issue is now published! You can find the article by Anne R Panchenko and M. Madan Babu here.

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Probing Gαi1 protein activation at single-amino acid resolution

We present comprehensive maps at single-amino acid resolution of the residues stabilizing the human Gαi1 subunit in nucleotide- and receptor-bound states. We generated these maps by measuring the effects of alanine mutations on the stability of Gαi1 and the rhodopsin-Gαi1 … Continue reading

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